Turn Photos into Paintings - Testimonials

Turn your photo into a beautiful painting for affordable price. Below feedbacks are from happy customers.

Richard Christensen, Maryland

I think the painting is incredible. The likeness exceeded my expectations, especially considering the poor quality photo I provided for you to work with. And the process for making subtle, but important revisions was entirely painless and fast. You do great work at a reasonable price. I certainly will be sending more work your way and will be referring family and friends to you. Once I present the gift, I will forward the recepients feedback your way as well.

Susan Thornton, Pennsylvania

Thank you so much. The painting is beautiful. I can not wait to see it in person. It means so much since we no longer have our youngest son with us and this was the last family photo that we had taken. We will treasure it for years and years. Thank you again for a wonderful job!

Amber Bracco, New York

We have recieved the painting and we are very happy. When we give it to my mother-in-law for Christmas, we will make sure to take a picture to put on your website, I know she will love it. Thank you very much for the wonderful painting.

Florence Parmelee, Montana

The painting is wonderful. My husband died in April of this year and when I saw the painting on the screen I though he would speak to me. So very life like. Thank you for creating this heirloom my family will treasure forever.

Caryl J. Frawley, Kentucky

Just beautiful. You can expect repeat business from me! These are not the only grandchildren I have. Plus, I will do more of these three as time goes by.

Margaret Paschal, California

I was very happy and pleased with my painting. It was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for your hard work and patience.

Brice Ikouebe, New York

I honestly did not expect such quality! It is truly impressive, I\'m sure my mother will appreciate this. Thank you for making this a reality! I love it!

Stephanie Salome, Colorado

The painting was received. It was an anniversary gift for my brother and his wife and they loved it! Thank you so much!!

Elizabeth Furtado, Massachusetts

I recently purchased an oil painting that you made from 3 different photos and I would just like to say that you did an excellant job, the painting was so perfect and the shipping was amazing,I was really impressed. Great work! THANK YOU

Lisa Kaufman, Illinois

Thank you very much! I LOVE,LOVE, LOVE HOW IT CAME OUT! The artist did a wonderful job! Everyone was very patient with me and made all the changes I wanted. It is amazing to see how so many different pictures were merged!

Lauri Lingerfelt, Florida

The oil painting was detail-rich and perfect in every way! Thank you! I was the official winner of the "Giver of the Best Christmas Gift" contest this year, thanks to Paint My Photo Now! And, to top it off, it arrived in 3 days from completion. This purchase was a perfect experience from order placing to receipt of an awesome product! Thank you!!

Harold A. Ricker, Ohio

This ia a gift for my wife. The painting is of her parents who have passed on. When my wife opened the oil painting and unrolled it her immediate reaction was one of amazement. She was very impressed of the detail, and the remarkable job the artist did on replicating the picture. Thank you Paintmyphoto.com for a job well done. I will recomend your service to everyone I know.

Alyson Talbot, Massachusetts

The painting came out better then I ever could expected, and the company has been a pleasure to work with. I am extremely impressed by the timely responses and the ease of revisions made to my painting. I will be recommending this company to many of my friends.